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Radiator cabinets come to life with our unique hand-crafted covers.

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Beautify your home with a custom designed, carved wood radiator cover.

Radiator cabinets can do more than just hide an old, nasty radiator – they can add a high quality piece of furniture to any space, yes, but the cabinets I can build for you can be a work of art that commands an “Oh my!” in any room.

And I can make the cabinet by any design, even though I focus primarily on Arts and Crafts, Prairie and Mission styles for my basic cabinet line.

You have a variety of choices, and all you need is your imagination!!


An example of our hand-crafted radiator cabinets

The basic cabinet is made from yellow poplar and includes and metal grille, most commonly the Union Jack pattern (see samples of our work) but other patterns are available. Each cabinet is insulated (sides and top) to protect the wood and better channel the heat directly into the room, not up to the ceiling. The cabinet can be purchased unfinished at a discounted price, or painted or stained and finished, however you wish. The cabinets can be made from other woods, including oak, maple, cherry and are priced accordingly. Easy Radiator Cabinet Measuring (pdf).

But here’s what I can do to make any cabinet into a work of art.

First, I can replace the basic Union Jack grille with a custom designed, one-of-a-kind metal grille cut to virtually any pattern, be it tree, flower, animal or your own design! That grille is then primed for paint, which I will do to your specification – or you can do it!!

Or, the most expensive option, I can hand carve a design from wood that can be stained and mounted in the front of the cabinet. Those designs are stained and finshed with multiple coats of polyurethane for the greatest possible protection. The Union Jack screen is attached to the back to fill in empty space and provide support.

I can work with you in designing the cabinet to best fit your décor and create an artistic grille to enhance your room.

Just call or send an email, and let’s create!!

Thank you,

Bob Schober

"It never crossed my mind that radiator covers could be more than slightly creaky, slightly ugly functional boxes. Bob Schober's craftsmanship has upgraded several old radiator covers in our 105-year-old house to beautiful works of art."

Arthur Kosowsky, Pittsburgh, PA


Bob built for us two very attractive radiator covers in the style of our 1925 bungalow. The result was not only very attractive and in fitting with the look of our house, but they were engineered in such a way as to allow the heat to flow out of them without any problem"

Liz Demarest, Washington, D.C.

Radiator Cabinet Measuring
Click on the link below to view a pdf on how to measure your radiator cabinets: Easy Radiator Cabinet Measuring (pdf)
Radiator Cabinet Price List
Click on the link below to view a price list: Radiator Cabinet Price List (pdf)